Sunday, March 5, 2017

Choices - Hanif

I made this layout way back in 2013 . It's amazing how things changed in Digital Scrapbook world. I used to make a layout like this on my computer using Adobe Photoshop. And I still saved the psd files of this layout. It took me longer to complete a layout like this. 


Now I can make a scrapbook layout just by using my phone. I am currently learning to use Over app on my phone to make a scrapbook layout. I have managed to imitate the above layout using my phone. There are a few functions that I still need to learn to fully customise  my layout to the way that I really want.


I also made this layout using the psd file of the original layout. This file format can be open using Adobe Photoshop and I just changed a few things to give it a fresh look.


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