Thursday, January 19, 2017

Day 19:365 // Me and my randomness

Things that happened today
- #selfie mode : I only took these two photos today
- I am obsess with Kindle Voyage at the moment
- I am suddenly in a mood for journaling. So far I have written a few sentences daily about my Project 365 photo challenge
- I still have not decide which planner will be my main planner
- I finished reading Scrappy Little Nobody today. I just finished watching Notting Hill movie and somehow Scrappy Little Nobody managed to change my experience with Notting Hill. Hemm suddenly I have the urge to watch all Hugh Grant movies
- I am a bit. nervous because I still doesn't have enough pages to print my 2016 photo book volume 2. Now I have the itch to hunt my old photos and make layouts.
- I started reading Outliers. Can't wait to discover what this book is all about.

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