Monday, November 21, 2016

Life with the iPhone 7 plus

I have been using the iPhone 7 plus for about three weeks now and I totally enjoy the experience. My intention for writing this blog post is to give you an idea about what to expect from this new phone. I know that there are other phones with better specs and better camera out there but when it comes to user experience, iphone is still the best in my opinion.

As most of you might know I was an Android user and I love Sony Xperia phone. But after using them for awhile I felt like the phone wasn't performing as fast as I would have like. So in 2011, I made the switch to iPhone 4 to see what the hype was all about and I have never looked back. I am sure that now Android OS has improved a lot but I am still worried that I will be disappointed after a few months used. Maybe Android will work better with Google Phone. I am eyeing Google Pixel phone because it looks like an alternative to the iPhone. If I am not mistaken, the price is also about the same range with the iPhone 7 plus.

Here are my thoughts on the iPhone 7 plus after using it for three weeks

The Design
     It looks beautiful to me. Ever since I used iPhone 6 plus two years ago, my hand magically adjust to the bigger size. It feels comfortable in my hand. It's water resistant which is good because now I don't have to worry when I drop the phone in the sink ( even though I never do that because I rarely carry my phone in the kitchen).

The new home button
     I love the new home button. I didn't need to get used to it because it feels natural tome. I love the Taptic engine they introduce here. 

Beautiful Camera
    I have been using my phone as my main camera for the longest time. Now with this phone I no longer need to bring my DSLR anymore. This phone is now my go to camera. I love the dual lens camera and the portrait mode function that comes with iOS 10. This is what photography with your phone should be like. Other than using the camera for memory keeping, this camera is also good for scanning.

iOS 10
     I love the new operating system. I have so much fun playing with iMessage - I wish everybody can use iMessage. I have a great experience with the new iOS even though I feel like there's nothing new in terms of the look and feel from iOS 9. 

 No Headphone Jack
    I don't heavily use the headphone with my phone, so it doesn't bother me that much that you can't charge and use the headphone at the same time. I have already invested in a wireless headphone, so I don't really feel the lost. I don't even notice that it is no   longer there. During my commute to work, I connect my phone via bluetooth to listen to music or audiobook. And at home I use apple tv to listen to music.

 Bigger Storage
    When I bought a new phone I usually get the middle storage capacity, not too small and not to big. So for this one I bought the 128GB model. I am loving the bigger size storage because most of my digital assets lives in my phone. Now I can do my work, like emails, scrapbooking, journaling, planning, notes and many more right on my phone. I really can see myself using only this phone as my main computer.

Things I don't notice:

 Stereo Speaker
     I am used to iPad Pro sound quality that I rarely notice the stereo speaker on the phone

    Siri is already good on iPhone 6s. So I keep continue using siri as my personal assistant. I don't notice any improvement in this area. Probably because in Malaysia there's nothing much siri can do.

 Apple Pay
    This service is still not available in Malaysia. It would be great to have all the retails shop here accept Apple Pay. I don't have to carry those plastic cards anymore.

 Color Gamma?
    I don't really see any difference from the iPhone 6s plus. It looks the same to me

My recommandation : I highly recommend the phone if you have an older generation of iPhones. This is the best one yet regardless all of the bad comments received from consumers. Change is good and I believe after awhile everything will be wireless. To me it's a good investment - imagine you get a computing power, a phone, a planner and DSLR camera all in one. It's the best experience you can get. 

If you live in Malaysia, try to get this phone from your mobile carrier like Maxis or Celcom, because the price is so much cheaper. Don't buy from unknown seller because you might get the imitation product and it's totally not the same thing.

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