Friday, October 28, 2016

My iPhone 7 plus story

I am finally holding an iPhone 7 plus in my hand and I can't believe that I bought one for myself. I have no intention of buying a new phone again this year. The new iPhone 7 plus promise a lot of things which I am excited about.

The price of the phone on Apple website is way too high for me. When I saw Maxis package and it's prices I just can't resists. iPhone 7 plus 128GB at RM2730.00 before 6% GST. 
This phone that I want is still not available for purchased online. So I am not really looking forward to buy any phone any time soon.
Last Wednesday I went to Alamanda for lunch and I decided to visit Maxis Center there to see if they have the phone that I wanted in stock. Surprisingly they do and the rest is history. I got myself a new phone. It has been a long time since the last time I owned a black phone after iPhone 4 and I am super excited with the new matte black color.

I usually like to install my new phone fresh but this time around I am a bit lazy to do that. I backup my old phone on iCloud and restore them on my new phone. So my initial experience with the phone still the same. I have tested out the camera and I am loving it so far even though I can't seem to find the significant different from the previous generation.

I think I might make a weekend adventure with this phone and take as many photos as I can with it. It has been a long time since the last time I intentionally take photos for the fun of it. I really miss it.

XOXO ~ 💖 hanizeyecandy 💖💕💓

XOXO ~ 💖 hanizeyecandy 💖💕💓

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