Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Lets talk about fitbit charge 2

I have been sucked into fitbit world earlier this year with fitbit alta. I have been trying to loosing weight since last year but I haven't been successful. This fitness tracker has helped me a lot to monitor my activities through out the day and also has helped me to monitor my sleep. I really need to know how well I sleep. It has been a constant challenge to have a good sleeping habit.

Then earlier this month I bought the new fitbit charge 2 because I really like the new look and design. This fitbit charge 2 display is bigger than the fitbit charge hr. I can really see my stats in detail at a glance. I have been using this fitbit charge 2 for about two weeks now and I have a better view on my overall health especially my heart rate statistic.

iphone_photo iphone_photo

What I like about fitbit charge 2?

- definitely the heart rate monitor and sleep tracker
- my fitbit dashboard on my phone has additional stats like floor climb and my heart rate
- the battery lasted decent enough for my needs. I really push this devices to the limit and I can get about three to four days of battery life
- I like doing the adventure challenge with the fitbit app. I can't get enough of moving and so addicted to achieve all my goals and more
- I am not a swimmer or a runner (even though I run occasionally) so I don't really care if the fitbit charge 2 is not water resistant or don't have a build in GPS.

I bought this fitbit charge 2 from Harvey Norman website and I got mine three days after purchasing it online. I got a great deal from the website and only paid RM671. The retail price for this product is RM730. Now I have to look for the leather band for my fitbit charge 2 because at the moment I am obsess with anything leather.

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