Sunday, September 25, 2016

Flash back 1996

The moment Apple announced iPhone 7 and the death of earphone jack, I realised something. I have been dancing with hard disk and DVD technology for the longest time. I didn't make the time to transfer all of my data to the new devices thinking that DVD will be around forever. 

I don't want to be the kind of person that regretted not transfer all of my data from a floppy disc to the new devices before you can't find any where for a slot to read your floppy disk.  

I know that all new computer comes without DVD drive and I still have data living inside DVD Disc. I know I have to transfer all of data from my discs to other devices like external hard disk or the cloud. In the spirit of not repeating the same mistake twice, I am going to make it my mission to transfer all of my data from my disc to my hard disk.

What better way to begin other than your wedding photos. Wow! This was a long time ago- nineteen years ago to be exact. These were the time when there was no digital camera. I scanned all of these photos and kept them inside a CD room. 

Oh boy! Was I that young?!

I missed this. I missed my mom so much. She was the one who insist on the "pelamin" and me dressing up for the event. I am not the kind of girl is comfortable being on stage and have people looking at me.
My next project will be to make a project life layouts of my wedding photos. I am not sure if I remember what happened nineteen years ago but I'm sure going to try.

My advice to all my readers to transfer all of you data and documents from you CDs to the new devices like hard disk or cloud services as soon as possible. You might not have that luxury to do so in the future.

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