Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My journal collection Part One

I was a notebook or journal collector since like forever. Before I thought I was the only one who is crazy enough to collect notebooks. When I saw Youtube videos about "My Journal collections" I know for sure that I am not crazy. 

I decided to make a blog post about my journal collection is to showcase the beautiful journal I have collected over the years and also as a reminder for me that I have purchased these notebooks and I really need to use them.

So today I have managed to collect as many journal as possible for this blog post. I never thought I had these many. And the scariest part was I know that this only part of it and I have more hiding in many places all over my house. 

Note: These notebooks were purchased from either form Kinokuniya, MPH, Border, Popular Bookstore and Erin Condren website


I  really like the fell and the color of this journal

I just cannot resist this white and red polkadot cover with #girlboss gold lettering on the cover

I like the feel of the journal 

I am not sure why I bought this notebook,  maybe because of the colorful geometric design. Hemmm I wonder when did I start this love for geometric design.

Need I say more? This is too pretty to pass

My 2015 journal and I really like writing in this journal. 

My book of lists since 2012

My listersgottalist notebook for 2015 and it's almost full

I like this notebook so much that I bought more then one book of the same brand

Erin Condren notebook that I really really need to have. I don't know why I love Erin Condren Notebook , I just do.
The cover definitely caught my attention. So pretty.

My first Erin Condren notebook and I really enjoyed using this notebook.

My Eid Memories 2016 notebook

I totally forgot I have this notebook and I forgot why I bought this in the first place

My Eid Memories notebook for 2015

I really like this brand apparently. This one is still in it's plastic wrap.

Love the bright yellow color

My One Little Word Journal for 2014 - WRITE

I wanted to use this thin notebook as my morning pages journal but somehow I have not started doing that routine in the morning.

The cute hello kitty notebook that I bought from Typo

My Listersgottalist journal for 2016

My current journal and it's almost full

My book of practice for doodling and hand lettering

Wow! Theres forty three books I have here and I still can't believe I have this many journal. I think I only used 5 or 6 notebook at the moment. I really need to find a purpose for these notebook. I am really glad that I made this list. Now I know how many I have and this will help me to assess and decide which book to use when my journal is full or find a cerative ways to use them.

What do you think of my collection so far? Do you have any of these notebook?
Do you have an obsession like mine?

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