Friday, August 26, 2016

How I am listing this September

Hello ladies! I am excited to share how I am listing this September. I have been doing this project for the longest time and I have tired digital and notebook style listing. I enjoyed both method so  much. 

This September (for 30 days of lists challenge) I decided to go digital using GoodNotes app. For those who don't know GoodNotes app is a note taking app for ipad. Majority of my notes and planner are in GoodNotes.

I did most of my designs on my iMac using Adobe Photoshop using Digital Scrapbook Kits from my collection. 

I designed four basic page on my iMac and saved the jpeg files on Dropbox. From GoodNotes I add these four pages as a Template page so that I can reused the pages over and over again.

Then I can add the title lists provided in this challenge daily as images. I can either type in my lists or write the list using Apple Pencil. At the end of the month I can saved September lists as a pdf file either to print or to make a photo book or print them out. The option are limitless.

The supplies that you need for this project - iMac, Photoshop (both are optional because you can do the decorating right inside Goodnotes but it takes a little bit of time), iPad Pro 9.7", Apple Pencil, GoodNotes app and digital scrapbook kits.

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