Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Geng Panjat Tangga 2016 Photo book Part 1

This year I am blessed with the health and strength to keep on moving. I am also bless with all the positive people around me who wanted to make a different. The story for me began when I was shocked by the fact that I was over weight at the end of December 2015. I have never reached that weight unless I was pregnant. 

So in January I was determine to make some changes in my life to loose weight and be more active. I have a four year old in the house and I just can't keep up with him. I am always tired and I can't move around as much. 

I started to take the stairs at the office by myself from B1 to 5 early in the morning and make a conscious effort to move as much as possible daily. I was still eating like I was and I have managed to loose about 3 kg in three months. 

Then towards the end of April, one of my colleague started to follow me taking the stairs during lunch break. Then another colleague started the movement of climbing the stairs until 17th floor as a group. I decided to join her sometime in May and the rest is history. The journey to fitness began for us and we have managed to recruit a few people to join in the fun. We took photos almost daily and I decided to make a few layouts with them.

My plan is to continue taking the stairs and taking photos until the end of the year. I might document them in a journal or print them out as a photo book album.



gengpanjattangga-5-1 gengpanjattangga-5-2 gengpanjattangga-5-3 gengpanjattangga-5-4 gengpanjattangga-5-5 gengpanjattangga-5-6 gengpanjattangga-6-1
(NOTE:All of these layouts were created with Project Life App. Some of the text was edited with Phonto app)

I am having so much fun watching these time line photos of us. It's like a mini motivation for me to keep on moving. My next goal will be to run from G to 18th floor..  😀...

"Be Creative, Show up and Focus on what's important"

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