Sunday, July 3, 2016

Prompts [ 3 in 1]

I was away this weekend and I was not able to allocate a few minutes to upload my photos for day 26 - day 28. Can you believed it in two days we will be saying good bye to Ramadan. This makes me sad a little because I am not sure if I will be here next year to welcome Ramadan again. I am also excited and a little bit scared to celebrate Eid. Excited because it's the day of victory and scared because there are going to be so much food offered that I am not sure I am able to say no to. I am not sure if taking a week off from working out is such a good idea if I am going to eat more than usual. May Allah help me and guide me.

Moving on to the prompt

Prompt #26: Phone
Day 26

Alhamdulillah I am still able to keep using iPhone. My current phone is iPhone 6s plus. I think after I decided to use 6s plus I just can't used a smaller size phone anymore. I am so in love with this phone that I decided to upgrade my plan to 20GB internet data. Watching Gilmore Girls on this phone is pretty amazing!

Prompt #27: Travel
Day 27

We spend our weekend at Avani Gold Coast Sepang. Such a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Prompt #28: Hijab
Day 28

This year I wasn't obsess with finding a new with a new hijab. My concern is more on leading a healthy life style so that I will look healthy in any hijab that I wear. I still love this instant hijab which I bought a year ago at Ariani. I don't really like it that this year Ariani decided to sell more shawl instead of it's trademark with instant hijab.
Tomorrow prompt: Family

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