Thursday, May 5, 2016

Today is all about you .. Happy nineteen birthday

I can't believe that my eldest son is nineteen years old today. 

05.05.2016 - Happy birthday to my dear son, may all of your dreams comes true.

Nineteen things I love about you

  1. You have so much love to give
  2. It's so easy to talk to you
  3. I love your artistic side
  4. I love how creative you are
  5. Your cool and collective nature
  6. You rarely say no to me
  7. I love the foot massage that only you can give me
  8. I love that we like most of the same things
  9. You keep your promise
  10. You have a talent for managing money
  11. We enjoy the same movie and TV show
  12. You are my anchor
  13. I love your art work
  14. The day you got your driving licence was the best day of my life. It means I can finally relax from driver duty
  15. I love that I can trust you
  16. I lve that you are not ashame to be seen with me
  17. I was a mother for the first time with you
  18. You are the precious gift from Allah 
  19. I love you.. there's no one like you in this world

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