Monday, April 18, 2016

FOCUS on Steps

I have been obsessing over achieving 10,000 steps a day since last week. Ever since I start monitoring my steps with fitbit alta I realised that I have not walk or move enough in a day. Fitbit set the daily steps goal is 10,000 steps. Last Tuesday I successfully achieved 10,000 steps at night. I realised that if I make a conscious effort to move I might achieve that goal before 7:00 pm.

So last week FOCUS means achieving the daily steps goal. I would do anything to hit that target. I cannot sit more than one hour straights. So from my one week experiment here are a few things that I learned:

1. I have to move around during office hours and hit at least 7 thousand steps before heading home in the evening
2. Taking the stairs instead of elevator really helps a lot at least by 300 steps more. Thankfully my office is not at the top floor of the building.
3. Marching on the spot in my room for two or three minutes can buy me a few hundred steps
4. Taking the longer route to the bathroom or the meeting room can add a few more steps
5. Doing cardio workouts for at least forty minutes or more can tremendously help boost the steps count to at least two thousand steps.

I am so enjoying this process so far. Watching the steps increase really motivates me to move more. My goal and focus for this week is to hit at least ten thousand steps for ten days in a row. So far I have managed to hit the goal for six days in a row.
I hope this obsession will be permanent and become a habit. Human body is meant for moving and stay active. In fact we are required to pray five times a day and we used our body for that. That is another few calories burn.

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