Sunday, March 6, 2016

This is life

I can't believe that my life has come to this. Me at home with a cup of hot chocolate and my hulu or iflix.  I never thought that my life will come to this. I just can't stop watching these shows

1. Unreal
I did not expect to love this show. After the first episode I just can't stop watching it.

2. Blindspot
This show slowly grew on me. At first it felt like any normal CIA/FBI tv show but after episodes 10, it's started to get interested. I want to know more.

3. Telenovela
Eva Longoria is the only reason I watched this show and it was surprised that I enjoyed every episodes

4. Grandfather

John Stamos still looks good after all these years and now he is a grandfather. 

5. Superstore
I am not sure about this new show. I enjoyed watching the first few episodes but after awhile it felt a little bit the same like the rest. I probably should give it a break and continue watching it after watching other tv shows.

6. The Big Bang Theory

I came late to the Big Bang Theory world but I am catching up with the show on iflix. I am on season 8 now and loving it. It feels like friends but so much better. 

There are a few other shows that are still in my queue lists like 
i. Agents of Shields
ii. DC Legends
iii. 11.22.63
iv. Rosewood
v. blackish
vi. Brooklyn nine-nine
and many more..

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