Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Favorites 2016

  • I am obsessed with Agents of SHIELD this month. I just can't stop watching them. I have finished with season 1 and now I am watching season 2. I hate that they make Ward a bad guy. I really like him. And in between I rewatched Avengers 1 and Captain America Winter Soldier.
  • I am doing 21 day fix this month and totally loving it.
  • I am rereading Time Management from Inside Out and totally loving it. I made a lists of the books I want to reread this year. Hopefully I can reread more books.
  • Apps I am obsessing this month is workout app and activity app on apple watch 
  • I am trying Microsoft Office 365 this month and I like that they gave 1TB space on OneDrive. I have always love Microsoft product and I still think Microsoft Office app / software is still the best one in the market.
  • My favorite book of the month is definitely Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter. I am still thinking about the book even though right now I am reading another book - After Anna and Marine One.
  • I am so looking forward to iPad Pro 9.7". Can't wait to upgrade. Too bad I can't pre order the tablet. 
  • Spending time with my family during school holiday is definitely one of my favorite thing this month.
I hope you had an amazing March.  No matter how hard life gets, try to stay positive and look for things to be grateful for.

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