Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Life or something like it [March 2016]

If I have to choose just one photo for today, this will be it. In less than two months a lot has changed at the office and one of them is the people I work with. I am so lucky to have meet and work with these beautiful and talented ladies and gentleman. 


 1. I can't believed in less than three months I have welcome three new member of my team. I think if I did not take the time to capture this moment I might not remember who's in and who's out. 

2. I am drooling over iPad Pro 9.7" after watching Apple March 21st event last Tuesday. Finally the upgrade I have been waiting for since last year. I am a fan of the original iPad and I can't never go bigger than that. How I wish that the Apple Pencil, I wish it works with my iPad Air 2.

3. I still think Apple Watch is the coolest watch I have ever owned. I realised that I have not wear any other watch since I wear this watch last year. It has all the things that I needed. I am super excited that Apple reduced the price for the Apple Watch. I still think they can afford to sell them cheaper.

4. I am looking forward for April. Lots of things happening in April. Somehow the budget cut that has been going around in all government sector makes me happy. No unnecessary travelling and no food during meetings. 

5. I am excited to start another beach body program - 21 day fix. I really admire Autumn Calabrese energy and of course her fat free body. These workout really makes me sweat even though I was only doing lunges. I hope I can loose at least 2 or 3 kg with her program.

6. I am easily dehydrated lately due to the high temperature here. Some days the temperature reached almost 34 C, which is a bit high. Drinking 2 litter of water is not enough anymore. I need at least 5 litter of water daily.

7. I am so disappointed with Netflix lately. I am thinking of canceling my subscription. I can't stream all of my favourite TV Shows anymore. 

8. I am extremely happy with iflix . They have most of the content that I love and they are adding more and more. I can even download a few of tv shows to watch later when there was no internet around. This is a cool feature to have. I hope that iflix will be available on Apple TV 4 soon.

That's all for now.......

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