Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Apple watch after six months

It has been about six month since the first time I invited Apple watch into my life. The little device that got lots of mix review ever since it's first debut in early 2015. Do I think the price is a bit expensive, yes especially when you live outside US. Do I think you need this watch, of course not. If talking about what you need, technology was not one of them. Not the way that you need oxygen, water, food and shelter.

Do I think this little device help improve my lifestyle? Definitely. It's functional and stylish at the same time.

Here are my thoughts on Apple watch after using it for six month 

1. I still love my apple watch. I do wish I had bought a bigger one, 42mm in Rose Gold will definitely look cool.
2. I can't bring myself to wear any other watch that I own even though some times I miss my Michel Kors Gold Watch. I don't know why
3. I don't have any problem charging my watch every night because I don't wear a watch while I am sleeping. I secretly wish that my body heat can charge the watch
4. I used mostly the activity app and fantastical app. I do wish the translator app works like a universal translator from Star Trek. That would be cool
5. I can't wait for Apple pay to be available in Malaysia. Taking out my purse or even my phone out of my bag feel like a hassle now. The Apple watch spoil me 😁😍💋 big time.
6. I wanted to run outside and track my running using the Apple watch but at 37 degree Celsius  outside is just way too hot for purposely sweating. Can't wait to try using the running app when the weather is a little bit cooler
7. I am constantly looking for apps to be used with the Apple watch. Waiting patiently for whatsapp, gsc and facebook to be available on Apple watch
8. I really love how easy it is to change the band on Apple Watch. I used to have Elle watch with changeable band and it was not easy.
9. I secretly wish that I have a fairy godmother to grant me Apple Watch Edition in roes gold. That would be so cool. The price in Malaysia is about RM 57,000 and above.
10. I have been wearing a wrist watch for as long as I can remember. I love wearing a wrist watch even though now you don't really need one since you can look at the time from your phone. So Apple watch is a warm welcome and it feels like home.

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