Monday, February 15, 2016

The one that we lost

I saw this notification in my Inbox this morning. It makes me stop and reminisce on the tragedy that happened to my friend Sofuan Ibrahim in 2014. If he is here with us he will be celebrating his 35th birthday tomorrow.

This little notification got me to pause and reflect on life for a bit. How fragile and how short life is. In a blink of an eye everything can changed forever. We may have move on to other things, other tragedies and worries about other things in life but for some of us ,the one who lost friends and family in MH370 tragedy , still have some unresolved feeling. To us we have lost a part of us that somehow don't have any closure. Now I understand why it's so important to bury someone, to mourn the lost and really say goodbye. Without that privilege we are left to ponder what really happened and those unresolved feeling and emotions kept lingering in our mind.

As for me I am torn in two, part of me want to say goodbye and accept the fact that Allah loves him more but part of me feel guilty that I gave up too soon. I really hope that someday we will have the answer to this mystery. No propaganda, no hiding behind the bush just the hard truth.

I am going to take this opportunity to say thank you to Sofuan Ibrahim for being a friend and college even though it was only for a short time. And Happy Birthday.


May Allah bless him.


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