Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Right now

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Life right now...
- I am currently reading Better than Before, it's a book about habit
- I just realize that I have not been to Spotlight this year
- my to do list is getting longer
- my intention to stay focus this yea seems to be harder to achieve
- I need to remind myself to take a breadth, hit a pause button and reflect
- I have so many ideas about blog posts related to planners on my mind right now that need to be written down.
- I am feeling the lost of my mom lately. It's hard not to having a mother to share your happiness and your sadness with.
- Every time my son did something cute, all I can think about was pickup a phone and call my mom. I really miss that
- I am also reading Country by Daniel Steel and the story really hit home for me. I can totally related and understand what Stephanie is going through
- I am loving the Big Bang Theory sitcom on iflix. Can't stop watching it.
- I am throne between continuing with #listersgottalost challenge or join 30 days of list. I love them both but I can only do one at a time

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