Thursday, December 10, 2015

Yes Broadband Testing // One week challenge

I have always been a tech girl. I spend way too much money on gadgets and technology compare to other girly stuffs like makeup, shoes, clothes and handbags.

Ever since they implement strict rules and restrictions for internet at the office, I have been looking at other broadband alternatives which are fast and portable as a substitute. I have been using maxis broadband for the longest time but they have never revise their broadband package. Come on 5GB quota for peak hours and 15GB quota for late at night is totally ridiculous! Since I am a power user who needs to streaming videos and music all the time I need more internet quota with cheaper price.


Currently I am looking at Yes, Celcom, dig and uMobile broadband package. So far yes appear to be a tempting offer. I do heard a lot about the horrible services and not many coverage and the contract is 24 months long which is a long commitment to be stuck in if you are not happy with it.

I am lucky that I a friend at the office is willing to give me his yes broadband for me to test for a week. He got his broadband for free when he bought a Proton car and he is not using it all the time.

I can't give my full review yet because I have only been using it for two days. So far the video streaming is good, no buffering and latency. My hypothesis is since Yes only support 4GB network, the service will be excellent when there's coverage and no connection at all if the area doesn't support Yes network. It's all or nothing kind of coverage.


For this one week testing, I am bringing the modem where ever I go. I will decide some time next week if I will get one for myself. I will  make a pro and con lists to see which one is the longest and if I can live with the con lists. Nothing is perfect in this world. It's just which one suits your needs and lifestyle better. 


(note: Things I am testing and reviewing at the moment - Apple TV 4, Polaroid Zip Portable Printer and SimpleTelly service. Will update more about these sometime next week.)

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