Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Project 365 [ Week 51] and [ Week 52]

It almost the end. I really have fun doing Project 365. I am not sure if I will be doing this project next. I might take a break next year and explore other project which is still related to memory keeping. 


[WEEK 51]

DAY 348- Monday at work. I like dressing up in the morning, wearing make up and go to work. Somehow it gives me a sense of purpose like I am going to change the world today!
Day 348

DAY 349- I finally subscribe to Umobile broadband M88 this month. It's a no contract package which I can try and I can cancel it anytime. 

Day 349

DAY 350- We went to Midvalley Mega Mall looking for jigsaw puzzles. It has been a long time since the last time I hunt for jigsaw puzzles. The kid in me was screaming to come out. And my youngest baby is obsess with puzzles too.
Day 350

DAY 351- Thursday and there's nothing much happening today, just normal stuffs. I changed my phone wallpaper to the one on the right. Love the vintage look- yuo the best is yet to come.

Day 351

DAY 352- Meet Hanif and Umar, the two cousins at the same age, playing together..well not execatly together. Hanif was being so territorial with his stuffs. hehehe

Day 352

DAY 353- BBQ Vaganza is finally here. Celebrating my team and the great job they did this year. 
Day 353

DAY 354- Eating durian on Sunday. It was good but not as good as before. 
Day 354

[WEEK 52]

DAY 355- At work on Monday and as always my room was cold and I am looking for a photo to scrap about something cold.
Day 355

DAY 356- I was home and feeling sick today. I got a medical leave for today. I got a heartburn and a horrible headache. Spend the day most in bed and watching Youtube channel.
Day 356

DAY 357- I am still not feeling good. Resting and recuperating at home. At the same time catching up with Lie with me tv show on Netflix.
Day 357

DAY 358- My new Stabilo Fineliner which I intend to use for coloring and writing in my planner and journal
Day 358

DAY 359- Coloring for adult is suddenly the trend now. I love coloring since as far as I can remember. I am not good at it but who cares. 
Day 359

DAY 360- Planner Addict Malaysia 1st Anniversary and our first official meet up. Ladies with the same interest and passion for making beautiful planners and be productive at the same time.
Day 360

DAY 361- Finally the puzzles that we been working on for a week is hanging up my wall even though it's missing two pieces. I can't wait to buy another one of this.
Day 361

These are my life in photos for week 51 and week 52 for 2015  . So many things happened and if I don't take the time to document them I might miss a lot. I still believe when you took the time to document the every day and the good things that happened in your life, you will be more grateful. Just saying.

Do you join Project 365 this year?
 If you do linked up in the comment, I would love to 
see your work and a glimpse of your life in 2015 

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