Monday, December 28, 2015

My Favourites Things 2015

The year is almost over! I believe it's less than a week we will welcome two thousand and sixteen at in Gregorian Calendar. As always the end of the year fills with reflections and hope for a better future.

Today I would like to reflect on 2015, well mostly on my favorite thing this year. It has been a long year for me full with bad, good and great memories. I acquired lots of stuffs over the year and sometimes it's hard to believe that in less than a year a lot has changed especially in IT world.


If I can sum up the year, I would say that this year is all about planner for me. Discovering the other part of memory keeping. Documenting and jotting down things on a planner is memory keeping. As a list maker, of course I have more than one favorite this year, here are what I like in 2015 in no particular order.

1. Audible - ever since that I can buy kindle books, I have been using audible often just because I like switching between reading and listening to books. It really sync beautifully between the two.

2. Apple watch - I bought a rose gold 38mm apple watch from Directd store. I have been wearing this watch every single day ever since I bought it. Wearing any other watch feel a little bit awkward. I really like the design and the color of the watch.

3. iPhone 6s plus - Of course I immediately fall in love with iPhone 6s plus. It's my everything.

4. Kikki K planner- Ever since I got pull into planner / planner decoration world, I have been introduce to filofax, happy planner, midori, hobonici, Carry it, Kikki K, Erin Condren, Color Crush and many more. For 2015, I decided to go with Kikki K and Filofax, so far I'm in love with Kikki K planner.

5. Apple music - Wow! Apple really introduce a lot of new things this year including Apple Music. I used the free three months trial and I love it. I can listen to any music I like anytime anywhere. 

6. ebook / kindle - I really have no problem reading an ebook. I have been collecting a lot of books digitally over the years and I have shared what's on my ebook collection this year. I think I read faster on an ebook compare to hardcopy book. I have no idea why.

7. iMac- I bought a new iMac this year. My son inherit my old one. After using iMac for almost two years I can't bring myself to use any other computer. 

8. Erin Condren Planner- I have been wanting to try Erin Condren Planner for awhile now but I can't justify buying them in the second quarter of the year. So I have been waiting for them to come out with 2016 edition. When they finally announced their new 2015/2016 planner towards the third quarter of the year, I decided to give this planner a try. I love it. I will be using this planner at home for 2016. 

9. Apple TV 2015 - I never thought I would love Apple TV but I do. I love that it has storage and has TV OS. I can have more than one apple id, so I can stream my Apple music right from Apple TV.

10. Hulu - ever since I've subscribe to hulu, I have been watching new tv shows constently there. I also love watching the Mindy Project. I just started watching the show and I am on season two. 

11. Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer - the new gadget in the house. I started using this printer a few times since I bought it from So far I am loving it. It's so portable and easy to use.

12. Adonit Jot Pro stylus - I have been using this stylus a lot this year. I love love it.

13. Project Life App - I still in love with Project Life App. Ever since I used this app I can never go back. 

14. iPlanner 2015 from -This is new to me using a digital planner like a filofax and I love love love it. It is the best!

15. Planner Addict Malaysia facebook group - if you are a planner girl and live in Malaysia then this group is for you. It's my favorite group this year.

And the not so favorite this year
1. GST 
2. increase toll fee - we should not increase the fee but we should eliminate toll and toll booth all together
3. Currency drop - it hurt a lot when ringgit value is low against American dollar
4. Horrible politics at the office

Overall I am happy with my life this year. Life is good, life is great, embrace it.

Hope all of you have a great year!!

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