Friday, December 4, 2015

Have we failed this country?

I know this is not something I will write about but I just have to say something. The negativity is getting out of control. So many things to comment on and I am not sure where to begin.  Maybe I will focus on ourselves a.k.a things that we can change. 

I am not sure if our younger generation are aware about how the system work. I am not the expert in the whole proses but I do know that the majority votes will determine which party can lead. We, the people, choose which party to represent us in the Parliament (the place where all the decisions were made).

In other words, the politicians that lead the nations now and at the top is because we, the people (at least the majority of us), put them there.

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Since I am on facebook and other social media, I can't escape lots of negative  and hate comments about our current leader and administration. We keep blaming them about all those "stupid decisions" that they make. So my question is are we stupid too for putting them there?

We need to reflect and look at ourselves:

1. Are we the kind of people who make noise only on facebook?  After awhile we forgot about it.

2. Are we the kind of people who complaint a lot without giving any useful suggestion?

3. Are we the kind of people who make noise at the back and accept the higher cost of living as the norm?

4. Are we the kind of people who rich enough, that the increase of prices or toll fares  don't impact us one bit? And don't even care about poor people.

5. Are we the kind of people who are comfortable being lead by stupid leader?

6. Are we the kind of people who too afraid to change even though we know it's not working?

The thing about change is we can not do the same thing over and over again and expect things to be different. This is just crazy!

My favorite Quotes about change

" The Secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new." ~ socrates

" Don't be afraid of CHANGE it is leading you to a new begining "

"Be the CHANGE you want to see in the world" ~ Ghandi

How about from now on we (the people) start to educate ourselves and our children the value of treating people with respect, teach about Islam and the value thought to us by our prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

We have to remember that the young generation will grow up and be the leader of the future and hopefully they will be the kind of leader that can improves and enhance the lifestyle of the people (not certain type of people) , the leader who at least immitate the leadership of the most influential people of all time, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

Focus more on "to educate not on judging"

So my question for you, my lovely readers, are we going to do something in the next coming election, or are we going to keep quiet and do nothing?

(disclaimer: I am not a politician. I am simply a citizen of this country who is affected by what ever decision or regulation made. This is just my personal thoughts and what my hope for, for the future). May Allah bless us all.

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