Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December is for ..

Welcome to the last month of 2015! Wow! What a year?! So many things happened - the good and the bad. 

negativespace-10 copy
(image taken from negativespace.co)

December is for...
  • Choose a planner or planners for 2016
  • Think about my One Little Word for 2016
  • Saved some money for Polaroid printer
  • Choose a few photos for my son's photo book
  • looking forward to watch Diwali movie (Kajol and Shah rukh Khan) this month
  • finished up project life album for 2015
  • Planner Addict Meetup
  • School holiday haul
  • watch the rest of Scream Queen episodes and How to get away with Murder
  • make a lists of things to accomplish in 2016
  • look for places to visit in 2016
  • finished up reading Career of Evil and Because She Loves Me

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