Saturday, December 26, 2015

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Park // Gold Coast Trip

Day Four: Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Park
Opening hours: 8:00 am - 5:00pm
21 minutes drive from our hotel
Parking fee AUD$8.00

Ticket: Adult $49, Child $35. Ask for family package if you come in a big group

- as always get a map of the park. I was pleasantly surprised that this park is bigger than I imagine

- walking around the park is consider a workout for me especially if you were rushing to catch a show
- they have a tramp around the park if you prefer to sightseeing first.

- farm animal show. Sheep shaving happening on the stage. 

- koala bears resting. They look so cute and adorable

- with kangaroos

- photo shoot with a koala bear. You have to pay if you want to take a photo with koala bear while holding the bear.

We did't used the prayer room there. It wasn't as comfortable as the one at Movieworld. There's no prayer mat. We did have lunch there but there was no halal restaurant in sight so we opt for anything veggie.

We left a little bit early because we wanted to go to Movie world again to catch Escape Ride. Too bad the green lantern ride was closed. We were lucky that we get to catch the parade.

We did our evening prayer there.

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