Monday, November 30, 2015

TV Series I can't get enough of lately

Ever since I discovered iflix, netflix, hulu, movie box and playbox HD, my obsession with TV series are getting out of control. I wanted to just skip work and watch these episodes back to back and just get lost in their world and stories. 

What are the TV series I am currently obsess with?

#1. Scream Queen

This is definitely a new one I have been watching. I don't really know what to expect but with Emma Roberts as the leading lady in the show I just can't resists. I am only on episode 4 and I just can't stop watching.

#2. Heroes Reborn

I wasn't really get the show at the beginning and I was a little bit disappointed that they didn't bring back Clare and Peter. After Episodes 6 I was hooked. There are something there and I just hope that it will get better

#3. Episodes

This is the tv show I stumbled upon on influx. It's interesting to watch Matt LeBlanc played himself in this tv show. It open up a whole new world for me. It's very hard fro him to be anything else but Joey.

#4. How to get away with murder

I started watching this show last year and I just can't stop. The show is getting better and better. It makes Scandal feel a little bit childish and repetitive. I just can't watch anymore Scandal episodes. Annalise character is so much scarier and twisted.

#5. Empire

I got hooked on this show earlier this year. I marathon through the whole season one on hulu. Oh boy! Things that you do for fame and fortune. I only watched a few episodes of season 2 just because I wanted to wait until the show is finished with this season episodes and marathon the whole season.

#6. Jane the Virgin

The thing that drawn me to the show is the fact that Jane got pregnant due to medical mistake. And the way the story was told was fun and light for such a heavy subject.

#7. Modern Family

Every time I watched this show, I wanted to be a full time mom. Quit my job and focus all my time and energy to my family. I guess I am not strong enough to let go of the security of having a pay check every month to my account.

I still did not have a chance to watch Grimm, Haven, Criminal Minds, CSI, Bones, Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and many more.

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