Friday, October 16, 2015

4 years... the iPhone story

Today is the official released date of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus in Malaysia. I would love to have one of the new phone but given the horrible currency exchange right now has caused the price to go up way high. I wish I am in the category of consumer who have a higher purchasing power, the one who don't even care about the price, the one who can buy a new piece of technology without breaking a sweat. I guess I am not there yet. Hopefully one day I will be there. One can dream right.

I would love to be an early adopter of new technology but I don't have enough resources to do so. I only managed to get Apple watch this month after searching for it since early this year. ( I don't understand why it took that long for Apple watch to be officially available in Malaysia. )

Then this afternoon I stumble upon this youtube video, which I think captured a little bit of how much has changed through out the years.


Watching these iPhone Ads really brings a lot of memory for me. When I first used mobile phone with a camera (I think it was Sony Ericsson I am not sure which one but I used to be a fan girl of Sony phone)  I could not see a phone can be used as my go to camera. I always hated the quality of the photo taken from a phone. The iPhone has definitely changed my mind about mobile phone photography a.k.a iphonography.

In the middle of 2011 decided to use iPhone 4 just to see what the fuss is all about. The first time I got my iPhone 4 I was not impressed. I was totally stress out by how simple the phone was. I missed a lot of features that I got from Sony Xperia that were missing from the iPhone 4. 

The Apple family

Then I discovered the App Store and all the cool apps that they have like Instagram, WhatsApp, Camera +, Calendar, (I am kicking myself for not documenting what were the first few apps I ever bought in 2011) and many more. Slowly I keep adding apps to fit my lifestyle  and my need like photo editing app, camera apps, Project life app, productivity apps and many more. After awhile without realizing I slowly falling in love with the iPhone. The phone grew on you. 

I kept waiting for me to grow tired of the iPhone and go back to Sony or even try Samsung Galaxy but that day have not come yet. After four years the love keep getting stronger and there's no turning back. The iPhone has become the life changing technology that I have been waiting for and I slowly get suck into the vortex of Apple ecosystem like iPad, iMac, Apple TV and the latest Apple watch. It's an investment that grew over time and really help me living my life to the fullest. (Shhh..  I am also seducing my family member to join the cult and I am very happy that most of them have join)

The other day it hit me, ever since I used iPhone 6 plus I have been using my computer less and less. Slowly these activities and process has been taken over by my iPhone like.....

  • Scrapbooking
  • photo editing
  • camera
  • daily planner
  • alarm clock
  • reminder
  • ebook
  • entertainment - music, movies
  • blogging
  • scanner
  • digital notebook 
  • video camcoder
  • map
  • teaching tools for my toddler
  • monitor my workout and calories burn in  a day
  • video conferencing
  • movie tickets 
  • online shopping
  • act as my digital briefcase - I use my phone to access my digital content from dropbox or google drive
  • and sometimes when the internet in my home is down I use my phone as a modem
  • recite Quran on the go
  • a remote for my Apple TV
  • and sometimes I talk to Siri just for the fun of it
I am sure over time the way I use my phone will change and there will be many more apps created. One thing for sure is mobile phone is here to stay. No matter what brand you choose be happy with it and used the technology to it's fullest potential. Loving what you have is the most important thing. 

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Qaseh Dalia said...

I love iphone 😁

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