Friday, September 11, 2015

Movies on the go

Earlier this year I was introduced to this amazing app called PlayboxHD. This app let you watched any movies or TV shows that you like right on your iPad or any other mobile devices. 

I have been looking for Dangerous Minds movie for a really long time and I finally found it on PlayboxHD.

What I like about the app?
  • it's free for one thing, the app and the content
  • the movie stream beautifully on a high speed wifi connect and not bad on 4G connection
  • you can even watch the latest movie playing but with lower quality
  • watching on my iPad is such a pleasure and this is so not good for my addiction
  • I am amaze by the wide selection of movies and TV shows they have here. Not bad for a free service
Download the app here and be amaze

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