Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#listersgottalist September 2015 Round Up

I decided to finished up with September listersgottalists. I continue writing my lists in August lists notebook. This time around I add a few wash tapes, journal cards and a little bit of doodling.
To download this month list, head on to http://listersgottalist.com for the full lists.


List1-Sept2015 List2List3-Sept2015 List4List5-Sept2015 List6List7-Sept2015 List8List9-Sept2015 List10List11-Sept2015 List12List13-Sept2015 List14List15-Sept2015 List16List17-Sept2015 List18List19-Sept2015 List20List21-Sept2015 List22List23-Sept2015 List24List25-Sept2015 List26List27-Sept2015 List28List29-Sept2015 List30-Sept2015

I am so ready for October lists. My plan for the rest of year is to fill up this notebook with lists for October, November and December. 

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