Friday, August 28, 2015

Random Friday [28.08.2015]

Alhamdulillah Friday is here again. This day always makes me happy. I am so looking forward for a long weekend and chill out with my kids.
Some random things that has been lingering in my mind at the moment are:

1. I started to play around with Microsoft OneNote app. I used to be OneNote user 100% but after I adopt iPad and iPhone I had to change to Evernote because at that moment Microsoft OneNote was not available on iOS. I am happy to get reacquainted with OneNote. It has changed a lot since the last time I used it. I am so excited to see what I can do with this app

2. Playing around with Photofunia again. Love the new effect they have at the site.

3. Currently reading The Girl with all the gifts by M.R Carey. I am not a fan of Zombie movie but I still enjoy reading this book
4. I am enjoying listening to Apple Music. So far it has all the musics that I like

5. Currently watching Scorpion TV Shows and Modern Family. 

6. I am wondering what Malaysia would be like if Anonymous hacker really attack the nation (a.k.a hold it for ransom). Would he step down from THE Office? Would he put the future of the nation above his personal needs? Hemmmm

7. I am worry what our kids really learned in school. Are we teaching them to think or are we teaching them to be "Yes Boss" kind of generation?

8. The value of Malaysian Ringgit is really bad at the moment. As of right now it's 1 USD equal to RM4.20 . Oh My God! That's horrible. As far as I can remember I have never seen the value of Ringgit this low. 

9. We are going to celebrate our Independence Day this Monday but somehow I can't feel the love for Malaysia at the moment. I know that I should not let one man determine my love for Malaysia but I just can't help it. Malaysia are changing, I am not sure I like the change. Living at the time where the cost of 1.5 liter of milk is RM 8.20 is no picnic. The cost of living is way too high for normal people. 

10. I am thinking about quitting my job a lot lately. I wanted to take one year off and enjoy life while I am still healthy and have the energy. Maybe I need to take this thought seriously. It's about time I put this feelings into action.

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