Wednesday, August 26, 2015

10 reasons to exercise

I have been exercising for as far as I can remember. I have always been an active person. When I was little I always enjoy playing outside especially netball and football but was never good at team sport. I was better when I was on my own like sprinting and long jump. The thing that I love most about running was the feeling I felt after when my heart beat faster and all I can think about was getting oxygen as fast as I can inside my body.

     [source from internet: ShaunT]

Forget about loosing weight for awhile. Exercise is not a mandatory to loose weight but exercise can be beneficial in many expect of your life.


1. Makes you feel better about yourself
- It's always a good thing when doing something that makes you feel better about yourself. 

2. Makes you feel happier
- I think there's some kind of hormone that was release when you exercise and that's a happy hormone.

3. Makes you feel alive
- There's nothing better than feeling alive. The sound of your heartbeat beating is the most beautiful sound in the world. It's so addictive that sometimes you might prefer running than walking so that can feel your heartbeat

4. Makes you focus
- Exercise is mostly a repeating activities that you do over and over again. These movements helps your brain to focus so that you will not fall. What a fun way to practice focusing and help you be happy at the same time.

5. Makes your body fit
- This comes with the territory. There's no guarantee that you will loose weight when exercising but you will definitely be more fit. You can move easily and breath easily too.

6. Makes your immune system better
- Feeling health can do that to you. Somehow your immune system improve and you get sick less often.

7. Makes your muscle stronger
- Lets get real here. The more exercise you do, the more muscle you used. The more muscle you used the strong you've become.

8. Makes you younger
- Nothing screams younger louder than being able to move and stay active regardless how old you get. Exercise can help you stay younger and active.

9. Makes your stress level decrees
- This definitely so so true. I can easily forgot about work when I busy doing those lunges and blurpee. If I can survived diamond push up for one minute, I can survived anything.

10. Improves your confidence
- There's nothing better than the feeling that you have accomplish something. Exercise helps you do that. 

Maybe there are so many benefits you can get with regular exercise but these ten reasons alone makes me do it. No matter how I tired I was at the end of the day, I just put on my workout shoes and just exercise.

The key is to find one exercise that you enjoyed doing and you will be set. Your mind won't registered the activities as work and you will want to do it.

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