Friday, January 30, 2015

Hanif at 33 months


It has been awhile since the last time I talk about Hanif. My almost three years old boy which I love so deeply. Since he is more aware of his life and surrounding, it has been very difficult to get his attention when taking photos of him. 

Here are some of random thing about him at the moment.

  • He loves color. I think he obsess with color. Ever since he recognise the name colors he has been very vocal about it when describing things. He will definitely mention the color first.
  • He can connect things faster. Since his swimming suit is in orange, any orange clothing he will associate it with swimming
  • He can say numbers and recognise the symbol up to twenty
  • He can vocally say a few words to describe what he wants
  • He still looked for me when he didn't see me around the house
  • He can talk on the phone with me, so so cute
  • He still prefers me. Thanks darling for loving me unconditionally
  • He loves to hugs me early in the morning
  • His obsession with iPad is within control. He can play with his physical toys even when his iPad is within reach. He still choose to play with his ball, ultra man toys and cars
  • I have changed his milk to Anmum 4 (for 3 years and up). He seems to like the flavour
  • He will be three years old in less than four months. 
  • He is still the most beautiful thing ever. Watching him sleep is one of my favorite thing in the world.
I am so looking forward to see him grow, learn new things and become his own person. I pray that I will be around to see him grow up. I love you so much. 

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