Friday, December 12, 2014

Today I ..

Today I

Today I ..
  • am loving my new morning routine. I really save a lot of time my changing my working hours.
  • am packing for my trip home. Can't wait to see my dad. 
  • am playing with Instagram a lot more than I should
  • hope that I can do T25 workout before going back home 
  • am already on chapter Chapter 34 of The Escape by David Baldacci. I just love the book and the audiobook
  • decide to do 30 days of lists for December. I love making lists what can I say
  • plan to download a few new ebooks
  • decided to continue with my lesson at Digital Art Journal class by Jessica Sprague this month. I am so excited to start again with digital art class.
  • just love staying at home and be with my kids
  • am looking forward to back to school haul. I love buying stationaries.
  • am making digital post it note paper and a few digital papers for my GoodNotes App. I decided to go at least 90% digital when it comes to note taking and planner. I already purchased 2015 Digital Planner from
  • have not seen Supernatural Season 9 yet. Need to do so this month.  
  • just realised that I haven't backup my October and November photos. Need to do that as soon as possible
  • am starting to love my iPhone 6. Due to the big screen and phone size, I realised that having a slim and light case make a huge different. It is still not an easy one hand phone for me.
  • am so excited that my Project Life is right on time. I am happy that with my current system I managed to keep up for the whole year.
  • am still loving Project Life App by Becky Higgins. This apps makes having an iPhone 6 so worth it.

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