Thursday, November 6, 2014

the iPhone 6 story

I have never ever buy an iPhone product on the released date. I just can't handle the crowd, the queue and the hassle of not getting the device that I want. I am not sure why suddenly this year with the iPhone 6 I decided to jump on the iPhone craze band wagon. I just want to feel the excitement of using the new iPhone as soon as it's made available in Malaysia.

Last week when Maxis announce that they will open the Pre Order on the 31 October 2014, I decided to give the online pre order a try. Wow! I just can't believe that the Maxis online store was hit by a heavy traffic from early morning until the next day. Somehow queueing online is so much worst because you can't see who is in front of you. In minutes iPhone 6 64GB in Space Grey was sold out! 

On November 1, 2014 at night, I decided to give the online pre order a try. The site looked like it runs smoothly and I can log in and choose which phone I want to purchase. Since the color I wanted were out of stock, I decided to choose iPhone 6 64GB in Silver. I was very happy that the online payment when on smoothly without any glitch.

And then when 6th November comes, I got a text message from maxis

Hemmm I just don't get it?!!!! Seriously?!! I felt cheated. I have already paid for the device and yet they still have the audacity to tell me that they are out of stock for 64GB model. What is the point of me pre ordering that device? The whole point of pre order is so that you don't have to queue and you get to secure the device of your choice. 

Even though I still can wait for the 64GB model, somehow I felt cheated. That is the feeling that I am not comfortable with. They might as well do the online booking and first come first served basis. Don't do the online pre-order thingy when you are not ready to fulfill you end of the deal.

What's your story? Do you have any problem getting your iPhone 6? Or any phone for that matter, like Samsung Galaxy Note or Galaxy S5?

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iphone 6..
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