Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A love affair with iPhone

Today when I saw my old post about my love affair with Mr X back in 2010 it really brings back a lot of beautiful memories. I remembered back in those days I was really a Sony fan and I even fell in love with all of Sony Ericsson phones. I never even looked at iPhone during those time. I never even really paid that much attention. 

And then suddenly in 2011, I have been bitten by the iPhone bug just because I watched too much episodes of Criminal Minds. That TV shows really showed me how cool it was to use an iPhone. Ever since that day I have never looked back. I never even missed Sony or Android. With iPhone, I feel at home.

a love affair with iphone

I know that in three years Android has evolved in so many ways and now Samsung has taken the lead in Android world with many kinds of smart phones - small, big and bigger. I've watched a few youtube videos reviewing those devices which looks great and far more advance compare to some features in iPhone but until now I have not switched back to Android. I wanted to try Sony Xperia Z series but when I hold the phone in my hand it doesn't feels right.

What I wish iPhone could do?
- easily add ringtones from my music library
- copy files or musics directly to the phone using usb cable
- add more storage for music and photos

I think that basically was a few things that I've missed from my Android days. After I get used to the simplicity of an iPhone, finding a work around to those small issues wasn't a big deal to me. iPhone is not a perfect phone but it is just perfect for me and perfect for my lifestyle. I have never stick to a phone brand this long. (Believe me I've used many in the past - Acer, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Sony Xperia). It is safe to say that I am in love, so in love that no matter what phone they throw in the market - be it Oppo, Samsung Note 4, Samsung Galaxy S5, Lenovo - I just can't bring myself to be unfaithful. Being faithful has become my thing - it can be my flaw and it also can be my strength.

What I used iPhone for?
[Believe me when I tell you that I only used 10% of my iPhone for phone calls. It turns out  that I don't have that many people to call on a daily basis]

- taking photos
- to do lists
- planner
- alarm clock
- scanner
- ebook reader
- music player
- mobile blogging on the go
- taking simple notes on the go
- texting my friends and kids
- watching youtube videos
- document my life on DayOne app 
- photo editing
- keeping tab with social media like Facebook, instagram, twitter and Pinterest
- never get lost again with Waze

Most Android fans just can't understand why iPhone users are so faithful with the product. We just love simplicity, familiarity and it feels comfortable in our hands. iPhone has become a part of my life for over three years now. Do I wish for something more and out of this world? Of course I do but to improve on something that is perfect is really really hard. Maybe if Steve Job is still alive iPhone might look different but since that is not possible, I think what Steve Job has left behind is still relevant.

I might not be jumping up and down when they announced iPhone 6 back in September but after getting used to the new design and change of saiz, I still want to own the phone.  I still have not get my pre-order phone yet but I am willing to wait for the new stock to arrive. Hopefully soon. 

So in the end it all comes to what works for you and your lifestyle. As long as the device works for you than just be happy with it. The battle between Android and iOS/Apple need to stop. The hearts want what it wants, in the end love conquer all.  As of today, November 11, 2014 - I am still in love with the iPhone ...

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