Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Random Lists Right Now

I know that #30list project is finish and I am left with a little bit of a hole in my project and journaling. I think I am going to continue making this random lists weekly specifically design with Digital Project Life in mind. I am definitely going to add this list in my layout. Now that I have Project Life app, I really have to think and plan ahead what kind of designs and embellishment I want to add to my layout. Since Project Life app was design with simplicity in mind, I don't have an option to add embellishment directly in the app. My work around is to create separate cards either using Photoshop or Phonto app to add a little touches, save them in jpeg form then add the cards to project life app.


  • I am reading Mr Mercedes by Stephen King and Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn this week. Hopefully I can finished them in October
  • I still have issues with a few of my apps after I upgrade to iOS8. I hope those company fix the issues soon
  • I am watching the new Haven series and I really miss Audrey. I hope they did not kill Audrey like they kill Sweets in Bones.
  • I am not liking the first episode of Scandal. I feel like they are going down the same route - with the President and Olivia [ it feels like nothing's change ]
  • Eid Adha holiday was last Sunday and Monday. This is the first time we celebrate Eid without my mother. It's definitely feel different and sad.
  • I am not sure if I want to watch the last two episodes of Witches of East End. 
  • This week is going to be tricky. I have a convention at KLCC today, my daughter is retaking her UPSR exam tomorrow. My second son is waiting to sit a big exam next week and on top of that I have to juggle the role of parenthood by myself this week
  • I wanted so bad to stay at home and make memories with people I love. I know I should love the people I work with but it has been a very hard journey for me. Most of the people I used to work for has moved on to another place at a better job opportunity mean while I am stuck here at the same job and at the same place which feels like forever
  • I am sitting here thinking and wondering if only I meet someone like Becky Higgins here, someone that inspire me and change my life for a better one. Things might turn out to be different
  • I watched November Man movie last weekend and I totally love it. I want to watch it again and again.

And this is my journaling card, reading for my Project Life layout for week forty one.


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