Tuesday, October 21, 2014

5 things Confession of a Blogger [ #BloggerConfessions ]

Confession of a blogger

I came across a blog post about confession of a blogger by Megan, The Nerdy Girlie, which I think is a great idea. I have be blogging a really long time, way back when blogging was just a web log nothing more nothing less. Without further ado here are my confession as a blogger.

5 things Confession of a Blogger

#1. I blog because I want to preserve memory. 
I was a scrapbooker long before I became a blogger. So when I heard about web log technology, I immediately sign up with the intention of keeping a memory of myself and family accessable anytime and anywhere. Little did I know that one day blogging will bloom and turn into a multimillion dollar business. [I secretly wish I was that lucky to land a multimillion readers world wide ... Heheh].

#2. I blog because I have something to say

I never see myself as a writer. But when I started blogging I do have to think like a writer. I am responsible with what kind of content I wrote. 

#3. I blog because I want share a little bit of my life and my creative expression

Suddenly I have this canvas in front of me to do what I please. With this tool I decided to share my scrapbook pages and my photos right here in this blog 

#4. I have never wanted to aggressively self promote my blog but getting notice is a warm welcome

With social media grow and blooming each day, self promoting becomes so much easier. I secretly wanted to self promote but somehow this technique can cause a lot of stress in my part. I need to learn to art of self promoting..

#5.Most of the time I have no idea what to write about.

This is not a good habit to have. Most of the successful blogger out there will tell you to plan ahead and have at least a month worth of editorial blog post schedule. I wanted so bad to do that but somehow it didn't turn out the way I imagine. 

So what are your blogger confession? I know you are dying to share!

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