Wednesday, September 24, 2014

#30lists Wrap Up Part 3

Today is the part three of 30 days of lists wrap up. We are in the third week of September and in less than ten days will be entering the last quarter of the year. I am happy that this week will be a little bit busy and hopefully I can squeeze a little bit time to do my art work. Exercise is a must for this week if I want to see results.

I am having so much fun squeezing this random list in my Project life page that I intend to continue doing so this week. I am not sure how long I will do this, hopefully till the end of the year.


  • I am reading the Silkworm and To the boys I've loved before this week. Hopefully I can finished them before October
  • I am loving the new iOS8. Still exploring the new features and hidden features.
  • I love watching all those Americans with their new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. I still haven't decided yet if I want to upgrade. I am still loving my iPhone 5S so much.
  • I am obsessed with Project Life App. I've been making scrapbook layouts non stop.
  • Not sure what's going on around Malaysia. So far no shocking news.
  • I am watching the latest episode of Witches of East End. I am hoping that somehow those two girls are not dead.
  • Not sure if I should start reading The Scorch Trial also. I can't wait to see how this series goes. I am hoping that Dylan O'Brian will continue playing Thomas
  • I play with Selphy CP910 this weekend. Love sticking photos in my journal and smash book.

Easy journaling for my Project Life page. Can't wait to turn this into a journaling card.


Here are my take on the lists for day 17 - day 23
  1. Reasons to move forward
  2. Things I do that I wish make me money
  3. I feel coziest when
  4. Guilty Pleasure
  5. Podcast I love
  6. Meal Planning for this week
  7. Don't tell anybody but...
Here are my take on the lists for day 10 - day 16
  1. Subject I can talk about for hours
  2. Things I've finished so far this year
  3. Must haves for a night in
  4. The best thing about this week
  5. Best places to find inspiration
  6. Favorite Cliches
  7. Posters on my wall when I was growing up
Here are my take on the lists for day 01 - day 09
  1.  Today is brought to you by..
  2.  I can't pass up
  3. If I had an extra hour in the day
  4. Projects to finished this month
  5. Things to nurture this month
  6. Every night before I go to bed
  7. Chores I actually enjoy
  8. Books everyone should read
  9. Ain't nobody got time for ..
Another 7 lists to go. Loving my lists so far.

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