Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#30lists Wrap Up Part 2

Today is the part two of 30 days of lists wrap up. In a blink of an eye we are already in the second week going on to third week of September. Things are beginning to move a little bit faster. I am happier to continue making a weekly random lists. Somehow taking a random snip of my life is really fun and really capture what life is like right this moment.


  • I finished reading the 9th Girl by Tami Hoag in less than a week. I am so happy about that.
  • I can't believe that UPSR candidates have to seat again English papers and Science paper at the end of the month. Apparently somebody leak the questions.
  • Today is Malaysia day- the day Sabah and Sarawak join Malaysia. It's a public holiday since last year.
  • I watched the Maze Runner last Sunday. I love it. Can't wait to read the book.
  • New Perodua  Axia launched a few days ago. Have not see the car up and personal. Not sure if its' better.
  • I was a little bit disappointed with Apple September 09th announcement. The new iPhone doesn't really bring anything spectacular to the table except a bigger screen size. I might change, I might not. I haven't decided yet.
  • I am watching the last five episodes of Leverage season 5. I can't believe I've missed those episodes.
  • I started reading The Kill Order and the Silkworm
  • I am half way through reading Mean Streak. Hoping to finished it this week.

Easy journaling for my Project Life page. Can't wait to turn this into a journaling card.


Here are my take on the lists for day 10 - day 16
  1. Subject I can talk about for hours
  2. Things I've finished so far this year
  3. Must haves for a night in
  4. The best thing about this week
  5. Best places to find inspiration
  6. Favorite Cliches
  7. Posters on my wall when I was growing up
Here are my take on the lists for day 01 - day 09
  1.  Today is brought to you by..
  2.  I can't pass up
  3. If I had an extra hour in the day
  4. Projects to finished this month
  5. Things to nurture this month
  6. Every night before I go to bed
  7. Chores I actually enjoy
  8. Books everyone should read
  9. Ain't nobody got time for ..
Another 14 lists to go. Loving my lists so far.

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