Wednesday, September 10, 2014

#30lists // Wrap Up Part 1 and UPSR

I am so excited that this time around I am more prepare. Earlier this year I join One Little Word Challenge and one of the action I intend to do for this challenge is 30 days of lists - document / write my life in a lists.

Before going to the wrap up lists of #30lists September 2014, I just have to make my own lists for today. Just a random lists about my life right now. It has been a really long time since the last time I make a random lists like this.


  • The disappearance of MH370 reached it's  six month anniversary last Monday
  • Today is the second day of UPSR 2014 examination. Good luck to all the candidates including my daughter
  • This year is the second last year for UPSR. By the time my youngest son starts school there will be no more UPSR.
  • I am not sure when will our education system improve. A lot of changes and planning but not enough merit to impact? I think....hemmm 
  • I am taking the day off to support my kid
  • I am enjoying every minute of it
  • I am watching Witches of the East End Season 2. I like watching witches theme but I haven't read any witches type of fiction
  • People at my office are talking about Rindu awak 200% and Selamat Pengantin Madu which I have no idea what's it's all about. And I am not sure I want to watch them
  • I am planning to watch Apple Event this afternoon. So excited for iOs 8
  • Read at least three chapters of a book today

What would I do with this lists? Of course this lists will go into my Digital Project life page for this week. Easy journaling!


Here are my take on the lists for day 01 - day 09

  1.  Today is brought to you by..
  2.  I can't pass up
  3. If I had an extra hour in the day
  4. Projects to finished this month
  5. Things to nurture this month
  6. Every night before I go to bed
  7. Chores I actually enjoy
  8. Books everyone should read
  9. Ain't nobody got time for ..
Looking forward to the next 10 days of lists. So much fun and yet so simple and meaningful for me.

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