Friday, August 29, 2014

Today I ....


Today I
  • am trying to get back on fitness wagon. 
  • am watching Deception Season One TV Show 
  • am still grieving. Loosing a mother is not something a child can get over with. 
  • plan to do Ript Up T25 workout
  • am looking forward to see my brother and his family
  • plan to make a schedule blog posts about September 30 days of lists challenge
  • plan to watch a movie, any new movie 
  • decided to take Digital Art Journal class by Jessica Sprague. I love her class
  • wanted to at least go through with Digital Art Journal class lesson this weekend
  • am looking forward to a long Merdeka Weekend. So many projects comes to mind 
  • am loving my One Little Word project so far, it's such an amazing experience. I looking forward to September assignment.
  • have downloaded Hit the Floor Season 2. So I'll probably watched them back to back this weekend and this month. 
  • just realised that I haven't backup my August photos. Need to do that as soon as possible
  • am trying so hard to live my life without my mom by my side.
  • can't wait for the launching of OS Yosemite.
  • am loving my Jotscript Evernote stylus . Works perfectly with my iPad.

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