Monday, July 14, 2014

Project Life Photo book on sale (56% off)

Ever since I started doing Digital Project Life 2014 in January, it was always my intention to print them out on photo book. When I saw that Photobook Malaysia is having a July sale (56% to be exact) and I already reached half of the year. So without wasting any time,  I decided to to make a photo book volume 1. All of the twenty seven weeks page layouts took me about 56 pages.

Since I have already made the project life pages, designing a photo book with the photo book designer was a breeze. It took me less than one hour to arrange all my pages and make a cover photo.

Project-Life Cover Vol1I order one 11 x 11 inch photo book , image wrapped hardcover . This specification is one of my favorite. It fits perfectly on my bookshelf. The price was RM420 but I only paid RM188 plus shipping. I hope I will receive the photo book before my Eid holiday. Can’t wait!


Note: Germany win World Cup 2014 on South America soil. I think it’s 1 – 0. Agentina win second place. I am not into football or anything but I just have to mention it.

While everybody is watching the final game, our brothers and sisters at Gaza are having a horrifying reality. Blood everywhere and people are dying. i just don’t get war. Why people fight and why we have to kill one another? Aren’t we civilize enough to sit down and talk about our differences? It’s so weird.

And locally people are dying too. Almost every day there are people died unnecessarily – father killed his son about the stupidest thing, husband killed his one week bride out of jealously, kid fall down the stairs at shopping mall and died.. and many more. What is happening to this world???

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