Friday, February 14, 2014

Today I....

Today I...
  • decide to smile more
  • decide to love myself more
  • plan to eat salad for lunch, since I already have heavy breakfast
  • am glad that I have done T25 Ript Up exercise this morning
  • intend to stick to my Digital Detox program for Hanif. I am on day 5. So far he has been enjoying life more.
  • plan to shop for toys this weekend
  • intend to keep it simple. Got to remember simple=done
  • suddenly I've been missing my life way back when Machintosh is the computer and people haven't even heard of Windows. 
  • wish I have money to burn to satisfied my technology hunger
  • been daydreaming about my honeymoon trip 
  • am converting my mental checklists into a written to do lists and check them off one by one
  • loving my One Little Word so far, it's such an amazing experience. Somedays you find it easier to write some days you find that you have nothing to write
  • wanted clipped my nails
  • intend to spend my weekend enjoying my two year old, project life and lots of photo taking.
  • plan to make Today I ... as a monthly segment in my blog. 

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