Saturday, February 1, 2014

5 tips // Simple = Done

As I wrote 5 tips to a paperless life, it got me thinking about my life in general. I have been living a complicated life for years and I think it's about time I simplify. For years I have been dreaming and wanting a simple and back to basic life without doing much about it. After watching Scrapbooking with Becky Higgins, I am totally sold with the idea of simple equals done.
So for this year, I will make a conscious effort to implement Simple equal done concept in every aspect of my life. 


Here are a few things that I intend to simplify for this year

#1. Simplify: process - this year I am experimenting doing digital project life for my Project 365. Before the year starts I was inspired by Cathy Zielske to setup my project life system. I use Dropbox to hold all my project life photos folders by week and by month. I also made a few pre made templates . Everyday since january, I will choose one photo and upload it to my dropbox folder. I also use Dayone app to jot down any thoughts about photo of the day. Then on the weekend, I put all the photos, cards and journaling on the template and I made two scrapbook layouts in less than 30 minutes. So far the process is simple enough for me that I can still maintain and enjoying the process.

#2. Simplify: photos - I tend to take lots of photos over the years and I seldom delete them. When it comes to photos, I thought delete button is evil. I just don't want to touch them at all. So for this year, I will scan my photos either weekly or monthly and delete unwanted photos or duplicate photos. Only keep want you want to remember and delete the rest. Then upload all the photos to flickr for safe keeping. I will do for the rest of my collection if I have the time. 

#3. Simplify: relationship - In the past I always demand more out of a relationship. I've always have a preset mentality about what I want in a relationship. So for this year, I will simplify my thoughts and not dwell too much on what a marriage or friendship or parenthood should be like. I will stop romantizing about what the relationship should be. The only thing I could do is be the best that I can be and stop demand more from others. 

#4. Simplify: spiritual - Islam is simple and Islam is a way of life. Instead of focusing on the "ibadah" point of view - especially things that I don't do in terms of my devotion to Allah, I intend to focus more on the way of life. Islam is a perfect, it has all the guidance and rules for the healthy and happy living. Every thing that you do (as long as it's syahriah compliance) will be rewarded. I just have to educate myself how to live a simple and syahriah compliance life


#5. Simplify: Writing - I choose write as my one little word for this year. I realised that over the years I have to edit and filter everything that I wanted to say from the public. It makes me leave out a lot of emotion and details about my life. So this year, I would like to write freely and unedited. Make a date with myself to write in my journal everything I was thinking, what I was feeling and what my hope was. All the good stuffs that were taken out from my blog. So this year, I will keep a journal or notebook near by and just write. 

Going simple is not easy because it takes changing the way you work, changing the way of life and reinventing new ways of doing things. Going simple take courage, will and intention to do so.

If simple is your one little word for this year, hope these tips and help you narrow down which area you want to simplify this month.

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