Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stories of home // a little bit of home

Another week, another photos of home. I have such a great time, walking around my home and capture a few details of things that makes life so much easier and fun.

bh_storiesofhome_1 storiesofhome_2014_008
My son always put his glasses all around the house and at a very dangerous place.

I love reading a book for inspiration while watching TV

Things that makes my life a little bit easier and fun - iPad, mobile phone and headphone

A yellow toy car on the floor waiting to be play or put away.

As always, all those unfold laundry waiting to be fold and put away.

A little bit of wall treatment still waiting to be make pretty.

So far I am loving this project. It really helps me to zoom into my world closer and appreciate life 

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