Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What's on my iphone 5?

Last year I did what's on my iphone and I basically display all of my apps in one post. I have ridiculosly huge collection for apps.
This year I got an iphone 5 with 64GB RAM and my collection has grown tremendously. I have way too many apps especially photography apps. Anyway today I just would like to point out only the apps that I've used regularly this year. All of the apps I arrange in the first screen.

From the top left
  Calendars 5 by Riddle - I link my phone calendar, my outlook calendar and my gmail calendar with this app. I love the new interface of this calendar
Islamic Pro Cal - I like to keep tab of the current Islamic calendar on my phone. It's a good app to have but you have to adjust the date manually especially during Ramadan and Syawal because there's a one day gap.
Online Storage Folder (I just love that in iOS 7 you have put as many apps as you like in one folder) - This is where I put all my cloud storage apps
  - I have SugarSync, box, dropbox, 4shared, Skydrive, Loker, Google Drive, GDrive, Photobucket, MediaFire, Copy, WD Photos, My Cloud
Youtube - I watched Youtube videos almost daily
Instagram - Definitely one of my favourite social media. I use this more than Facebook and Twitter
Facebook - I might move this app to my second page. I don't use this as much as before
Twitter - this is also another app that I used to use every single day.
Evernote - Definitely my favourite note taking apps for iPhone. I just love how this app is integrated with Awesome Note, Jot Not Scanner, Penultimate and many more
myQuran - Holy Quran in my iPhone
aNote - I am starting to love using this app after the upgrading of the new UI. So beautiful and very pleasant to use. I also love that this app sync well with Evernote. That means I can get the same content in my iPad and other devices
Day One - I write on my journal almost daily. This app sync with Dropbox, so I got the same content in my iPad too. I just wish that I can add video clip in my daily journal like Flava
Flickr - the new UI is definitely grow on my. And I also love that the new version support automatic sync with my iPhone photos.
Photos - I love the new UI in iOS7. Beautifully design and easy to navigate.
ABM - A Beautiful Mess app is my new favourite app this year. This is a fun app to play with. I just wish that I could add my own font like Phonto
BlogPress - I have been using BlogPress app to update my blog since like forever. I have never used any other app for iPhone blogging. I am still loving it
Instant - I am in the mood for polaroid this year, so I am loving Instant app. This definitely feel like a polaroid.
Phonto - This is also an old app which I am still loving this year. I love that I can install my own font in this app.

Photography app folder (these are the one that I am using a lot)
 Camera + - I think all iPhone must have this app
 Hipstamatic - Love the old and classic feeling that I get from this app
 ClassicBooth - Love this Photo Booth app just because it has an option of a square Photo Booth instead of strips only
IncrediBooth - This is the one that I've been using before ClassicBooth came along. I still love it when I want a strip Photo Booth style.
Typic - I used to use this app to put writing on my photo.
Polamatic - this also an Instant Polaroid app. I used this if I want to convert more than one photo into polaroid. This one work faster

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