Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Insanity // Week Three and Four Review

I am trying to follow the schedule to the letter but somehow life gets in the way as usual. For week three and four I took at least two days off because I travelled to my hometown to visit my parents. Squeezing in Insanity program at their house seems impossible.

My review and tips

  • so far the workout is getting much more manageable and easier. Forty minutes doesn’t seem that long at all
  • I still cannot jump high. I usually modified the move by jumping lower than those people on Insanity
  • So far I did not see any improvement on my weight but I still got remark that I look smaller from people. (that is a good enough sign for me that I am on the right track)
  • Staying hydrated is truly important during those though moves.
  • Push up used to be the hardest workout for me but now burpee and arm jack is the toughest one so far.
  • I am a little bit nervous with the second half of the program. From  skimming through the vidoes it looks like the workout , is longer, about 50 minutes and he introducing a few new moves which looks tough
  • " Eat less and Move More" sound so simple but somehow it’s not an easy thing to do

I am glad that right now I am on rest week. The program focus more on core cardio exercise and balance.

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