Sunday, December 1, 2013

December is for

  • finishing up my 4 simple goals before 2014. I have less than a month to complete them
  • doing 30 days of lists project for December.
  • celebrating the end of the year with reflecting on things I’ve accomplished this year
  • road trip to the Northern area with the family
  • I am still adjusting to the new management at the office
  • crossing of my to do lists one by one 
  • finishing up with my Insanity Program by the end of the year
  • I am still doing Focus T25 at least three times a week together with the Insanity Program
  • taking more photos with my camera and my iphone
  • looking at one day zoo trip with my family 
  • looking forward to the end of the year to spend time with myself and relax
  • finishing up with my reading of Slim for Life book. I am still on Chapter 3. I need to speed things up and focus. Read with intention is the key to finish any reading that you start


Do you make any specific goals this month?
Do you like making goals?
Share with me, I want to know

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