Monday, December 30, 2013

12 posts of 2013 // A year in review

I had such an amazing year. So many things happening behind the scene which some them I shared in this blog and some are too personal to share here. Overall I can feel that I am growing as a person and as a human being. I feel more content and I know what I want and I am thankful for what I have.

1. This year as always, on the first January 2013, we took a family photo shoot at KLCC. This time Hanif is with us


2. Tips I wrote this year 5tips-productive

3. There is no doubt that iPhone and iPad is a personal thing. You can used them anyway that fits your lifestyle and personality. If you are new to iPad, here are a few apps that can help you get started .


4. Things that was on my mind most of the time this year. I just realise that this year I didn’t blog much about anything random like I used to. I intend to blog more post randomly just because I think it was fun to read things that are totally random


5. I participate in 30 days of lists for March, September and December  in 2013. I just love documenting my life in a list. It’s fun, easy and absolutely no wrong way of doing it


6. No matter how frustrated and depressed I was this year, I try to focus may energy and mind to little things that makes me happy. Somehow these things magically lift up my mood and spirit tremendously.


7. I can’t believe that this boy were once a baby. He reached his first birthday in April and I put together the amazing first twelve months video for him


8. We had our thirteen General Election this year. It was such a great competition between parties. For new voters, I made this 10 tips as a guide for you before and on the polling day.


9. I celebrate my forty two years old birthday this year and celebrate our seventeen years Wedding Anniversary.

42-birthday-web 13

10. Without realising it I have a toddler in the house. Living with a toddler is so much fun and deciphering a toddler language really require focus and attention. I am enjoying every moment of it.


11. I made another Ramadan Photo daily prompt this year and it is still super fun. I am thinking of making this a yearly project. I also made a Ramadan Goals as a way for me to focus and cross things off my lists.


12. I was super duper excited that this year I got a chance to meet and hear Jay Jay sang live in front of me. It was such an amazing feeling and it brought a lot of beautiful memories from my childhood.


I hope that 2014 will be great and amazing. I want to write more next year either on my blog or in my journal. Not all of the things can be captured on photos, some you have to write it down. Hope you had a great 2013. See you in 2014

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