Thursday, November 14, 2013

Today I ....

Sometimes life can gives you a lot of lemons and it's up to you how to make your own lemonade. You can be happy, decide to be happy and be happy. I love a list like this. It helps you to express yourself in this particular moment. Sometimes this little moments get lost in time.

 Today I _14Nov2013
Today I...
  • decide to be myself
  • decide to love myself more
  • would like to wish all Muslim Happy 10th Muharram. May Allah bless us all
  • intend to eat a little bit better
  • plan to do Insantiy Cardio Power after dinner
  • did Jillain Killer Abs level 2 early in the morning
  • make "Eat less and Move More" as my motto of the month
  • suddenly missed my life when I was in the states. Life was so much fun and easier back then
  • wish I have more time in a day to spend it with my baby boy
  • daydream about a honeymoon trip to somewhere romantic and exotic
  • make a mental checklist of all unfinished projects for 2013
  • am having an amazing time being a mother to a one and a half year old boy
  • clipped my nails
  • intend to make at least one scrapbook layout

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