Saturday, November 2, 2013

November is for…

November is for 2013
  • finishing my 4 simple goals before 2014
  • a long school holiday is coming in two weeks, so there’s a lot of planning to do with the kids
  • celebrating my daughter’s birthday
  • planning for the end of the month and next month trip
  • visiting my parents
  • adjusting to the new management at the office
  • catch up on a few new movies I’ve downloaded. I still need to steal a few hours to watch them
  • making a brave move to start with Insanity Program
  • I am so obsess with Speed 2.0 that I’ve been doing them three time this week
  • looking forward to meet my siblings this week
  • taking more photos with my camera
  • ipad Air perhaps (hehehe)
  • hoping to take at least one week off (maybe not consecutively) to spend with my kids
  • finished reading Slim for Life book. I’ve finally found this book at my local bookstore


Do you make any specific goals this month?
Do you like making goals?
Share with me, I want to know

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